About Giovanni Ruggirello

I am a System Engineer who enjoys tinkering with things. I am passionate about SW development, cars, and playing ultimate. I code in Object Oriented Programming such as Python, C++, and Java, and have web development experience using Flask. I am converting a 1980 Camaro to be an eletric vehicle. I am striving to be a professional ultimate frisbee player!


Language Translator

Our goal is to classify, display, and translate words that are inputted by a user. Using the language detection dataset, provided by Kaggle, we are creating a model which will predict, then classify, those inputted words to a language such as English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, and Chinese. We strived to create a Natural Language Processing model that performs close to other models that can be found in applications such as Google Translate.
Project Created by: Joshua Korang, Donye Wakefield, Jesse Byler, Giovanni Ruggirello, and Alex Berger.
Created for Education Purposes. Source code available at TBD


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